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BIO Glass WaterPipe - Bubbler Call Bell 7" Rig 14mm

BIO Glass Call Bell Rig 7" 14mm

Height: 7"
Joint: 14mm Male

May be available in Black, Blue, Green or White

Please Note: Many rigs come with a "free" dome and nail. So, generally they come ready-to-use in that regard, sort of. HOWEVER, the nail that most rigs come with for "free" is a DISPOSABLE "boro" nail (i.e. a borosilicate glass nail - made of the same borosilicate glass that the domes and rigs, and most bongs as well as "laboratory glass", are made from). We feel that it is not just recommended, but NECESSARY to also purchase a proper non-disposable nail (made from titanium, quartz or ceramic, or a similar high-temperature capable no-byproduct type material). The boro nails are thrown in by the glass companies for some reason that we don't quite understand and are intended to maybe only last for a hit or few. Please do not be confused by their inclusion - they are generally NOT quartz glass nails (only SOME rigs include quartz nails, usually "domeless" ones, and it is generally noted quite clearly if a higher-quality non-disposable quartz nail is included with a rig). Quartz glass (fused quartz) is a preferred vaping/dabbing material and we have excellent and inexpensive quartz-glass as well as titanium and ceramic nail options for your enjoyment! Therefore, we highly recommend that with every rig purchase you also consider a "domeless quartz nail", a "quartz banger", a "domeless titanium nail" or a "domeless ceramic nail" to fit your rig (a same-size "female" joint nail if you purchase a rig with a "male" joint for example), if you want to go the domeless route (where you do not need to use the dome that may come with your rig, instead you can put that aside and vape with a "domeless" setup), OR alternatively consider purchasing a "domed" quartz, titanium or ceramic nail if you'd like to use your dome. Take a second to check out a YouTube video or two about Domeless versus Domed vaporizing if you're not quite getting what we're talking about here. :)

As much as we love providing the top name brands of North American made glass, we also love (and realize that it's our duty) to sift through the world of less-expensive imported options and find a few gems - to provide great quality cheaper products that are amazing deals for our customers! These BIO/Starbud brand imported glass pieces are some of the best we've been able to find and are an unbelievably great deal for the money! Because not everyone wants to drop fat stacks on their glass - but all of our customers deserve to get something good, from a place that you can trust!

Stock # 15997 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 15999 Black
 Stock # 16000 Blue
 Stock # 16001 Green
 Stock # 16002 White