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Capsule Machine Manual Filler - Fits 24 Size #00 Gelatin/Vegetable Caps

Capsule Machine Manual Filler - Fits 24 Size #00 Gelatin/Vegetable Caps

Capsule Machine Gelatin/Vegetable Capsule Filler - Available to Fit 18 Size #000 (Largest), or 24 Size #00, #0, or #1 Caps (This Brand's Smallest Cap-Size Option)

Please see our CapsuleCN #4 Manual Filling Machine for smaller-capsule filling options - they are a LOT more money, but they do 100 capsules and work amazingly well, like these Capsule Machines do also! Just please be aware that these #1, #0, #00 and #000 capsules are LARGE! - WAY larger than the #4s that the other machine does!

The Capsule Machine
- Automatically joins and ejects filled capsule
- Faster and easier to use than other products
- Fills 24 capsules in just a few minutes!

Fill Your Own Capsules
- Make your own custom mixes with your own ingredients
- Use quality and fresh raw ingredients
- Save up to 75%
- Avoid use of binders or excipients

Capsule Machine Instructions:
Step 1:
- Put base on stand.
- Separate empty capsules
- Put longer part of capsule in base
- Put shorter part in top
Step 2:
- Put base on shallow bowl or plate.
- Pour powder
- Spread with enclosed card
Step 3:
- Put base on stand.
- If desired, use tamping tool to compact powder
- Then pour in more powder
- Spread excess off into bowl or plate
Step 4:
- Replace top
- Remove Capsule Machine from its stand
- Place on flat surface
- Press down firmly until unit bottoms out
Step 5:
- Capsules are automatically joined, and held in top!
Step 6:
- Press top evenly and firmly...capsules are automatically ejected!

The only materials of The Capsule Machine that are in contact with food are ABS and Delrin Acetal plastics.
ABS plastic material adheres to requirements regarding contact with food and drinking water, which have been established by the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Health Office, the den Regulations of the British Plastics Organization, and the Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung as well as other national and international regulations. ABS has good chemical and stress-cracking resistance to inorganic salt solutions, alkalis, mineral acids (except strong oxidizing acids), and some mineral, vegetable, and animal oils. Petroleum-based oils, solvents, and paints SHOULD NOT BE USED, as they will cause the material to craze. There is a possibility that the plastic can be damaged by powders with a high oil content of eugenol. Eugenol is an essential oil that is contained in herbs such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and bay leaf.
The two springs of The Capsule Machine are made of Delrin Acetal plastic. This material adheres to the regulations established by the Food and Drug Administration for repeated contact with food and the regulations established by The National Sanitation Foundation for use in drinkable water.
The spreader card included with all capsule machines is made of PVC.
Made in the USA

Since the materials in the Capsule Machine can melt at temperatures close to 180 degrees F., care is necessary if using a dishwasher. The heat function on many dishwashers can exceed the maximum temperature. Washing with hot soapy water normally does the job. Take care if you are taking the springs off the base or top of the Capsule Machine. Make sure you pry the springs gently off the tabs holding them in place. And when you want to reinsert the springs, insert one side under the tab, and then the others. Some powders may stain any plastic surface, such as the Capsule Machine surfaces.

While The Capsule Machine is made to fill powders, many customers have used it for years to fill liquids. Note that water causes the capsule material to soften and dissolve. So any capsules filled with a liquid that contains water must be consumed promptly.

You will need to use a dropper or pipette to fill the capsules individually. After finishing the encapsulating process, you may want to keep the filled capsules at a cool temperature. This will make most liquids thicker and less runny – making it less probable that there will be leakage where the body and top of the capsule are joined together.

Size #00 Capsules hold approximately 0.91ml

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