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NutriPlus (Nutri+) pH-Up pH+ 17% Potassium Hydroxide 1L

NutriPlus (Nutri+) pH Adjustment Solution - pH-Up 17% Potassium Hydroxide 1L


Available size: 1 L and 4 L.
Verify the pH before adding any solution. Add a few drops at a time, stir well and check the pH again. Repeat until the required pH is reached. For best result, check the pH daily.

MAY IRRITATE EYES. MAY IRRITATE SKIN. DANGEROUS FUMES FORM WHEN MIXED WITH OTHER PRODUCTS. Do not get in eyes. Do not get on skin or clothing. Do not breathe fumes. Keep out of reach of children. TO OPEN PRESS DOWN AND TURN, CLOSE TIGHTLY.

FIRST AID TREATMENT. Contains citric acid. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Center or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If on skin, rinse well with water.

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