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Yocan Evolve-Plus Accessory - Dual Quartz Coil 5/pack (Also Work In Magneto and Regen)

Yocan Evolve Plus Pen Vaporizer for Concentrates - Dual Quartz Coil 5/pack

Also work in Magneto or Regen

These coils come WITHOUT coil-caps, which are sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Many Yocan parts including coils are NOT interchangeable between different models. Please try to choose correctly-matching parts for your pen, as it is difficult for us to try to correct an order after-the-fact wiith considerations such as; highly-likely ownership of multiple devices, delays in communication, and avoidance of delivery delays. "Evolve", "Evolve Plus", "Evolve Plus XL", "Evolve D", "Magneto" and "Loaded" (etc.) parts and pens are generally different items and not interchangeable - please carefully select the correct accessories/parts to match your specific vaporizer - Evolve / Pandon parts for Evolve (and Pandon) pens, Evolve Plus parts for Evolve Plus pens (with some overlap with Magneto and Evolve Plus XL), Evolve Plus XL parts for Evolve Plus XL pens, Evolve D parts for Evolve D pens, Loaded parts for Loaded pens, Cerum parts for Cerums, and NYX / Torch parts MOSTLY work for both NYX and Torch dab devices, etc.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Many Yocan Evolve Plus Pen and iFog Vortex Pen parts including coils are interchangeable between the Yocan Evolve Plus and the iFog Vortex Pens - SO for example the iFog Vortex Triple Quartz Coil - Item 30694 -, AND the iFog Vortex Ceramic Round Disc Coil - Item 30697 -, AND the iFog Vortex Ceramic Square Layered Coils - Item 30699 - AND the iFog Vortex Dry Herb Pancake Coil w/ Screened Cap - Item 30695 - ALL work in the Yocan EvolvePlus Pen (while not really in the Evolve Plus XL Pen), AND the Yocan coils also interchangeably work in the iFog Vortex Pens!

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